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    In Vietnam, there are three databases which can be applied for conducting patent searches, particularly:

    1.1. Firm database:

    Firm database is created by each IP firm in Vietnam by manually collecting data from handled patent cases and collecting published data from the IP Vietnam. Generally, firm database is a good database to refer basic information of patents. However, it is not full enough to conduct every patent search case.

    At HAIHAN-IP, we have our own database which is a combination of Intellectual Property Gazette of Patents, IP libarary of the IP Vietnam, and Industrial Property data and service platform.

    patent search in vietnam

    1.2. IPLib:

    IPLib is the published intellectual property library which can be accessed at http://iplib.noip.gov.vn. It is very easy and convenient to conduct a quick patent search using IPLib to know rough information about the target application such as applicant, PCT application number, priority date, IPCs, publication number, title and abstract. However, it is impossible to know description and the claims of the target applications. In addition, information about legal status, recordal of change, annuity payment is not updated. The interval for update of IPLib is from 5 to 7 months and most information uploaded to IPLib is brief. Therefore, if a client wishes to search a status of a patent application, the information collected from IP Lib may not be updated yet to show a correct result.

    1.3. Internal Patent Database of the IP Vietnam:

    The internal database of IP Vietnam is a full database that examiners can use to conduct patent searches. It is updated regularly at an interval of about 2 to 3 days.


    HAIHAN-IP has an experienced team to conduct patent searches for clients. Our patent search specialists and attorneys have successfully accomplished many different patent search cases. We can handle varied requests, for example, patent status search, patent search by keywords, patent search by applicants, patent search by priority number, patent corresponding search by international application number, patent clearance search in Vietnam (patent FTO search in Vietnam) and so forth.

    To handle a specific search request, we must go step by step as follows:

    - Analyse the patent search request;

    - Advise the client about the cost and delivery time;

    - Conduct patent search using one updated database;

    - Collect search result, check, review and provide the client with a patent search report.

    DATABASE WE USE: From the scope of patent searches, we will select one of the above-mentioned databases or combination of them to accomplish the searches so that the Search Result is correct and any data reported is the most updated.

    To demonstrate one typical Patent search in Vietnam which has been handled by HAIHAN-IP, please refer to our search as below:


    Search to know if there is any patent application or/and patent in Vietnam from or corresponding to the international application:

    N° WO03091008 filed by the applicant Composite Technology Corporation "ALUMINUM CONDUCTOR COMPOSITE CORE REINFORCED CABLE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE”, under priority of US n° S.N 60/374,879.

    In particular:
    - Application under examination or issued?
    - If the application has been rejected: was it under examination or during opposition? Is it still possible to request restitution of the application?
    - What is the date of the last annuity paid?


    Searched object

    Search Result

    N° WO03091008 filed by the applicant Composite Technology Corporation "ALUMINUM CONDUCTOR COMPOSITE CORE REINFORCED CABLE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE”, under priority of US n° S.N 60/374,879

    Application was granted a patent in Vietnam with following particulars:

    Patent No.: 7920

    Grant date: August 24, 2009

    Expiry date: April 23, 2023

    Patent owner: CTC Cable Corporation

    Address: 2026 McGaw Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614, United States of America

    Last annuity paid with following particulars:

    - Year of annuity already paid: 11th year

    - The date of last annuity payment: August 06, 2019

    - Annuity due date: August 24, 2020

    - Number of claims: 36

    - Number of independent claims: 06 (In Vietnam, fee is calculated based on independent claims).

    Supporting document extracted from database of the IP Vietnam is attached as below:

    patent search


    PCT Patent in Vietnam


    The time limit for entry of a PCT application into Vietnam national phase under both Chapter I and Chapter II is 31 months (not 30 months).

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     patent acceleration in vietnam


    To accelerate, it is suggested to conform the VN application to a granted patent of a corresponding application filed in foreign countries, especially filed in Japan, US or Europe.

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