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  • Sat, 11:51 04/17/2021.

    As Vietnam patent search database is recorded in local language only (Vietnamese) and there is no tool, such as machine translation, to translate the search ...

    Wed, 10:55 09/09/2015.

    An application must specify whether the object to be protected is a product or process as stipulated in article 4.12 of the Law on Intellectual Property. 

    Tue, 10:45 09/08/2015.

    An application for registration of an invention shall be announced in the nineteenth month from the priority date or from the date of filing of the application (if there is no priority date) or within two months from the date on which the application is approved as proper, ...

    Mon, 10:45 09/07/2015.

    To file a PCT application in Vietnam, the applicant needs to prepare documents to conform requirements as stated in Circular 01/2007/TT-BKHCN.