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    ☑️ The time limit for entry of a PCT application into Vietnam national phase under both Chapter I and Chapter II is 31 months (not 30 months) from the earliest priority date. Late entry within six (06) months is no longer accepted by the IPO Vietnam.

    ☑️ Documents required:

    (i) A Power of Attorney (POA) which is only simply to be signed by the Applicant, neither legalization nor notarization is required. (The copy of the POA can be accepted at the time of filing but the original one must be lodged within 34 months from the priority date applicable under PCT Article 22 or 39);

    (ii) PCT documents in English for translation into Vietnamese: Description, claims, any text matter of drawings, abstract (if amended, both as originally filed and as amended, together with any statements under PCT Article (19);

    ☑️ Patent fees from filing until grant

      PCT National Phase in Vietnam Official Fees, US$ Agency Fees, US$ Total, US$
     1 Filing stage      
      a) Filing patent application  7.5  100  107.5
      b) Claiming 1 convenion priority 30 50 80
      c) Publication of application  6  20 26
      d) Request for examination (1 independent claim) 75 75 150
     2 Grant & Registration (1 independent claim) 18 120 138
     3 Translation from English into Vietnamese (per 100 English words)    8 8

    * Remarks:

    - The above-mentioned fees already include tax;

    - Fee to file a response to office action, if any is charged based on hourly rate of US$60.

    - For a fixed Quotation, please request us by sending email to hh@haihan.vn.

    ☑️ Time frame

    Under current practice in Vietnam, a patent application is subjected to the following stages:

    • Formality examination: after 02 - 03 months from the filing date, if the application fulfils the requirements of formality, it will be accepted as legitimate one;
    • Publication: within 2 months from the date of Decision for Formality Acceptance, the application shall be published on Industrial Property Official Gazette;
    • Substantive examination: this stage usually takes 4 years from filing date. In this stage, the application shall be examined as to substance in order to evaluate eligibility for protection in respect of protection requirements. If the application is considered to meet the protection requirements, it will be granted a patent.
    • Granting registration certificate: 1-2 months from the date of payment of granting fees.


    ☑️ HAIHAN-IP in brief: 

    patent registration in Vietnam

    HAIHAN-IP is one of the qualified law firms in Vietnam specializing in Intellectual Property, founded by the most experienced IP practitioners in Hanoi, Vietnam. HAIHAN-IP was licenesed by the IP Vietnam with agent code of 174 since 2013. Our attorneys have over 12 years of experience in patents and have processed more than 1,000 successful patent cases, including those cases with 1st refusal due to the lack of novelty or inventive step.

    We commit to provide clients with high-quality services by patient listening and taking action following clients’ demands.




    Each IP firm can use their own database and IP Lib to conduct patent search. The skills of IP searchers are very important to receive correct search results.

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    PCT Patent in Vietnam


    Patent owners are requested to pay annuities for granted patents within 06 months before the annuity due date.

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