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    To conduct a trademark search in Vietnam using IPLib of NOIP, following steps are suggested:

    Step 1: Access IPLib at: IpLib.noip.gov.vn or IpLib2.noip.gov.vn, and select “Trade Mark” on the leftside.

    Step 2: Select Field Name and type the content into “Expression”.

    For example, to search the trademark “VIET333, device” which is one of the registered trademarks handled by HAIHAN-IP, type into “TM Name” with the expression “VIET333” as below:

    tra cuu nhan hieu

    Since then, click “Submit” to find the information about the trademark.

    Tra cuu nhan hieu

    Step 3: Click application number 4-2013-28310 to view details of the trademark:

    Tra cuu nhan hieu

    From the above guidance, the searcher can conduct the same search with other trademarks containing "VIET" by typing *VIET* into "TM Name". By doing this, the searchers can view about 6,000 results.

    To optimize the search, the searcher can add more information into other fields such as: Nice Classification, Applicant, Goods and Services, and so on.


    For more information about Trademark Searches, please do not hesitate to contact us:hoai le tan


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