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    1. Industrial Design Fees:

    Please contact HAIHAN-IP for a quotation about fees for filing an industrial design application in Laos as well as other industrial design fees.

    2. The term for filing design applications in Laos:

    The term for filing design applications in Laos claiming priority should be filed with the Laos Department of Intellectual Property within 06 months from the priority date. The term cannot be restored.

    3. Documents required:

    (i) Full Name, Address of Applicant(s);

    (ii) Full Name, Address and Nationality of designer(s);

    (iii) Country, Application Number, Filing Date of the Basic Application(s) from which the Paris Convention Priority is claimed;

    (iv) Twelve (12) sets of drawings or photographs of the design article; specimens of the article embodying the industrial design is acceptable where the industrial design is two-dimensional;

    (v) Original Power of Attorney (POA), which must besigned by the applicant(s)/legal representative of applicant(s) and notarized before Notary Public (legalization is not required). A general POA will be acceptable for various applications in the name of the same applicant.

    (vi) Certified copy(ies) of the priority application(s) and the English and Laos versions thereof.

    (vii) Original Deed of Assignment if the applicant is not the inventor, which must be duly signed by related parties and notarized before Notary Public (the legalization is not required).

    (viii) Copy of the search report and examination report issued by any foreign office and English translation thereof, if any


    - An original of Power of Attorney must be submitted at the time of filing.

    - Certified copy(ies) of the priority application(s) may be submitted up to 3 months from the filing date.

    - Original Deed of Assignment must be submitted at the time of filing.

    Requirements for Drawings or photographs:

    - Drawings:

    + Size of specimen: no larger than 16 cm by 20 cm

    + Photographs or other graphic representations: must be within frame, not exceed 16cm by 20cm and shall not be folded or stapled or marked in any way;

    + The drawings or photographs should include views of the following position: front, bottom, left, right, rear and at least one view of normal perspective or normally use position.

    4. Time frame:

    Under current practice, it takes 12 – 18 months from the filing date to complete an industrial design registration in Laos.


    For more information about industrial designs in Laos, please do not hesitate to contact us athoai le tan


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