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    The information and documents required for filing a patent in Myanmar are as follows:

    1. Information sheet;

    2. Patent specification (including drawings, if any) in English;

    3. Declaration of Ownership;

    Declaration of Ownership needs to be signed and notarized. In the Declaration, the complete data of the Patent (including its registration number and the country if it has already been registered elsewhere) need to be mentioned.

    4. Power of Attorney;

    Power of Attorney needs to be signed and notarized.

    The signature and seal of the Notary of both POA and DOA in turn needs to be attested by Myanmar Embassy in the country concerned.

    Genral notes:

    - Time frame: the average time from filing up to the registration is from 3 to 5 months.

    - Cautionary notice: the publication of Patent Cautionary Notice in local newspaper is advisable after the registration of patent. The purpose of publishing a Cautionary Notice is to inform the public about the registration and claim to ownership and warning against the potential infringement. It can be aware that the search of patent in Myanma is not possible, therefore, the publication of a Cautionary Notice is a source for a third party to approach the patent.

    - Annuity: There is not any law to regulate annuity payment as patent laws of other countries. In Myanmar, it is recommended to apply for renewal of the registration in every 3 years by registering again a Declaration of Ownership and publication of a Cautionary Notice.


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