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    HAIHAN-IP is one of the experienced law firms in Vietnam providing legal services to foreign investors entering the Vietnamese market. So far, we have assist clients with many projects in a wide range of industries. From the time a foreign investor intends to enter Vietnam market, we are ready to provide clients with full advice including survey of market, the statistics of the industries, local retailers and wholesalers, investment law, tax, standard requirements of products and services an so on.

    To support clients to overcome almost obstacles of the local laws and regulations and create favorable conditions for investment, HAIHAN-IP’s team have to non-stop update new laws and regulations, investigate the proper procedures to assist clients with suitable cost and time compatible to the scale of investment.

    In sum, what main procedures we can assist clients for investment?

    Doing market survey and feasibility study

    Vietnam market is an attractive market with 90 million consumers. However, doing a market survey is indispensible before carrying on an investment project. After doing market survey, HAIHAN-IP will give clients with fesibility study report with critical points which should be consider before the investment.

    Obtaining Investment Certificate

    To start a venture in Vietnam, the procedure of obtaining investment certificate is necessary. With the reform of administrative procedures, we can accomplish this procedure in a shorter time with cost effective manner. The procedure starts with the preparation of an investment project with varied documents and information. After that the relevant competent authorities shall evaluate the legitimacy and the feasibility of such investment project to decide the granting of Investment Certificate.

    Our clients: aT Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation, JFE Techno-Research Corporation, Amukon Kabushiki Kaisha, Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd., Pilkington Group Limited, C & J Clark International Limited, ENDO Lighting Corporation, Hubiomed Co., Ltd., Nittan Valve Co., Ltd., Ceron Technologies Inc., Se Gyung Hi Tech, Oracom Co., Ltd., Taiki Corp., Ltd., Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd., Sakaguchi E.H. Voc Corp.


    For more information about our investment consultation services, please do not hesitate to contact us at

    hoai le tanHAIHAN IP LAW FIRM

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    HAIHAN-IP is a registered IP Firm recorded by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) with code of 174.