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    Cong bo tieu chuan chat luongObtaining a Quality Pulication Certificate is a compulsory requirement for goods in Vietnam such as foods and beverage, cosmetics, chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, rubbers, etc.

    1. Documents required for quality publication are as follows: 

    For goods produced in Vietnam:

    - Business Registration;

    - Certificate of Producing and Packaging;

    - Sample of goods and trademark.

    For goods imported from foreign countries:

    - Business Registration;

    - Sample of goods and trademark.

    2. Procedure to handle a quality publication:

    - Advise steps to accomplish the quality publication;

    - Check required documents;

    - Optimize test items to minize costs and facilitate the procedure;

    - Draft neccessary documents and file these documents with competent authorities.

    - Monitor and solve problems when the examination is carried on.

    - Receive the Quality Publication Certificate and send it to clients.

    3. Time frame:

    It takes from 25 to 30 working days to receive a quality publication certificate.


    For more information about Quality Publication Certificate in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us athoai le tan


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