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    [Registered Patent and Trademark Attorney – Deputy Director]

    MR. NGUYEN VAN MINH is the Deputy Director of HAIHAN-IP. His practice encompasses patent prosecution in the field of civil engineering, building material, mechanical, textile and metallurgical engineering, and related fields. Prior to becoming the Deputy Director of HAIHAN-IP, Minh had been a researcher at Institute for Building Material of Vietnam where he had a lot of researches in varied of technical fields. Since working with HAIHAN-IP, Minh has handled hundred of patent cases. Minh is a key member of HAIHAN-IP to lead patent team. Besides patents, he can assist trademark team, design team and take part in dispute resolution cases.

    Experience: Mr. Nguyen Van Minh's first career was as a researcher at the Vietnam Institute for Building Materials. Minh was trained to become a patent and trademark attorney at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP). He got a license for a patent and trademark attorney in 2012.


    - Master Degree of Civil Engineering from Hanoi Civil Engineering (graduated in 2005);

    - Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering from Hanoi Civil Engineering (graduated in 2001) (graduated in 2001)

    Member: Mr. Minh is a member of Vietnam Intellectual Property Association (VIPA), ASEAN Intellectual Property Association (AIPA), Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) and International Trademark Association (INTA).

    Email: hh@haihan.vn

    Phone: +84-4-3202 8111

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