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HAIHAN-IP has successfully prosecuted for the high-class cosmetic brand name “EDALLY EX” in Vietnam
Tue, 11:55 10/31/2017.

High quality cosmetic products are blooming in Vietnam market. Consumers are interested in cosmetic brand names from developed countries, particularly Korea, Japan, US and EU.


With an in-depth experience of intellectual property, HAIHAN-IP has successfully prosecuted many trademarks in the cosmetic field, thereby giving trademark owners exclusive rights for using their trademarks in the market of 90 million consumers of Vietnam.


On November 2015, HAIHAN-IP discussed with HOA BINH CORPORATION, one of the top cosmetic trading corporations in Vietnam. With the empowerment of HOA BINH CORPORATION, HAIHAN-IP filed trademark application for "EDALLY EX" which is manufactured in Korea. After 21 months of prosecution, by professional experience of the trademark team, HAIHAN-IP got success for protection for the trademark "EDALLY EX" on August 16, 2017.

Bang nhan hieu EDALLY EX

(Trademark Registration No. 286428 for cosmetic brand name "EDALLY EX")


Thanks to the grant of the trademark, the cosmetic brand name "EDALLY EX" has expanded to 64 provinces of Vietnam and becomes one of the top cosmetic brand names in Vietnam (information about the cosmetic brand name "EDALLY EX" is referred at https://edally.vn/).

 Trao bang nhan hieu EDALLY EX

(Photo taken at the trademark handing ceremony for EDALLY EX; The person handing trademark certificate is Mr. Nguyen Van Hai - Registered Patent and Trademark Attorney of HAIHAN-IP; the receiver is Ms. Nguyen Thu Huyen - General Director of HOA BINH CORPORATION)


HAIHAN-IP will continue to go with HOA BINH CORPORATION in the time to come to protect the exclusive rights of the bulk of trademarks of the corporation. In addition, HAIHAN-IP will non-stop improve its IP services to assist more and more companies in the process of building and protection of their intellectual properties.


HAIHAN-IP is a prestigious intellectual property law firm in Vietnam. We provide clients with services including search, filing, prosecution, licensing, assignment and litigation of patents, utility solutions, trademarks, industrial designs. For any enquiries about our services, please email hh@haihan.vn or phone us at 84-24-3202 8222 or 84-24-3202 8222 or fax us at 84-24-3202 8333.

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