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Meeting with a patent inventor who has many inventions in Vietnam
Sat, 12:17 03/03/2018.

On February 27, 2018, HAIHAN-IP met with Mr. Le Quang Vinh at HAIHAN-IP's office, a patent inventor with many inventions. The inventor introduced about a new technology of sowing grains, a cutting-edge technology with the combination of mechanical principle and air-force principle which can help to reduce labor and increase quality of crops.


More than 10 years ago, Mr. Le Quang Vinh had been known as a Vietnamese inventor with an invention of a textile rolling machine. Since then, we has invented many other machines to help famers and workers in Vietnam to reduce labor and save costs for factories in varied fields. However, his intellectual property rights were neglected because he did not have sufficient knowledge about IP in the period of 5-10 years ago. This is a normal situation for inventors in Vietnam because the Vietnam IP Law just came in force since 2006.


His awareness about patent right has changed since he first worked with HAIHAN-IP's patent team in 2013. He has gained success for his patent prosecution and he will continues with a number of new inventions in the time to come.

 meeting with an inventor(From left to right: Mr. Le Quang Vinh - Patent inventor, Mr. Nguyen Van Hai - Patent Attorney of HAIHAN-IP, Ms. Ha Duyen - Patent Secretary)

As one IP firm in Vietnam, HAIHAN-IP always wish to successfully register many patents for domestic clients to contribute for the development of science and technology in Vietnam. In the mean time, we wish to assist foreign companies to bring their technologies into Vietnam to do business effectively.


HAIHAN-IP is a prestigious intellectual property law firm in Vietnam. We provide clients with services including search, filing, prosecution, licensing, assignment and litigation of patents, utility solutions, trademarks, industrial designs. For any enquiries about our services, please email hh@haihan.vn or phone us at 84-24-3202 8222 or 84-24-3202 8222 or fax us at 84-24-3202 8333.

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