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A Possible PCT Application to enter US, Europe, Japan, Korea and China
Mon, 10:53 11/04/2019.

HAIHAN-IP is honored to represent a Vietnamese inventor to file a PCT application on June 12, 2019. The PCT application number is PCT/IB2019/054888. This is one of the few PCT applications filed by Vietnamese inventors. This patent has become the core value of the inventor's company and he applied for Shark Tank Vietnam 2019 to introduce about the benefit of use of the invention. The series were broadcast in July 2019 and many investors have been discussing with the inventor to file the patent application in foreign countries and set up business network worldwide.

PCT application in Vietnam

(The inventor, Mr. Nguyen Huy Ngoc, is on the right and the shark "Pham Thanh Hung" is on the left)

On October 14, 2019, we received the Search Report from the International Searching Authority wherein the invention meets novelty and industrial applicability but it does not meet inventive step. 

PCT search report in VietnamAfter considering citations and explanations of Searching Authority, we see that the invention may meet inventive step because the mechanism of the lock is far beyond invented compared to the disclosed applications. For this reason, the applicant is considering to entering national phases in many countries such as US, Europe, Japan, Korea and China so that his company can use the patent for manufacturing and trading products of the invention.


As a Vietnam IP agent, HAIHAN-IP always wishes to assist more and more domestic clients to protect their IP rights in foreign countries so that products made in Vietnam can reach to the world.


HAIHAN-IP is a prestigious intellectual property law firm in Vietnam. We provide clients with services including search, filing, prosecution, licensing, assignment and litigation of patents, utility solutions, trademarks, industrial designs. For any enquiries about our services, please email hh@haihan.vn or phone us at 84-24-3202 8222 or 84-24-3202 8222 or fax us at 84-24-3202 8333.


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