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    How to conduct a patent search in Vietnam based on a subject-matter
    Sat, 11:51 04/17/2021.

    As Vietnam patent search database is recorded in local language only (Vietnamese) and there is no tool, such as machine translation, to translate the search result into English, it is difficult for foreign companies to conduct a patent search in Vietnam.


    Therefore, a patent search based on a subject-matter should be done with following steps:

    Patent search in Vietnam

    1. Classify to get IPCs:


    Based on the subject-matter required to search, the searcher can do a classification to find out the best IPCs.


    2. Conduct a Vietnam Patent Search based on the found IPCs:


    Conducting a patent search based on IPCs is quite simple on free databases of the IP Vietnam. However, an important point is that question mark (?) and star (*) should be used to avoid missing results. For example, E02D?15/* is typed in the IPC field to get all patents with the related IPCs.


    3. Make list


    Make IPC’ s hit list including bibliographic data such as application number, filing date, publication number, publication date, grant No., grant Date, applicant’s name, title, Priority data, abstract.


    4. Filter and translation the result into English


    The List should be sent to a local patent attorney to filter the hit which is corresponding to the subject-matter. Since then, the patent attorney will do a translation into English.


    The above-mentioned steps are a usual procedure for conducting a patent search in Vietnam. As a patent firm, HAIHAN-IP has conducts varied patent search cases based on keywords. We are very pleased to give an example of patent search result as below:


    [Search Subject]: Vietnam Patents and Utility Solutions Collection Search for “Bag material for civil engineering”

    [Search Material]: Vietnam Patents and Utility Solutions (Both unexamined and examined)

    [Search period]: All periods


    As a local firm, we can translate the subject-matter into Vietnamese to have the best keywords search. The Vietnamese translation is “vat lieu tui cho xay dung” or “vat lieu tui cho ky thuat xay dung”.


    After analyzing the keywords, we focus on following IPCs: E02B3/* or E02D15/* or E02D17/* or E02D19* or B65D30/02 or B65D30/04 or B65D30/06.


    The sample search result is shown as follows:

    Patent search in Vietnam


    For more information about PATENT SEARCH IN VIETNAM, please do not hesitate to contact us athoai le tan


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    HAIHAN-IP is a registered IP Firm recorded by Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (IP Vietnam).

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