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    Can we obtain specification of Vietnam patents by conduct Vietnam patent search through NOIP database?
    Wed, 11:20 05/27/2015.

    When we conduct a Vietnam patent search, there are two public databases of NOIP we can consider:


    Vietnam patent search


    1. IPLib (http://iplib.noip.gov.vn/WebUI/WLogin.php): by conducting a Vietnam patent search using IPLib, we just have bibliographic data. No information about specification can be found. In addition, the information is not really up-to-date. We may not find some patent applications that have already published on Vietnam IP Gazette.


    2. Digipat (http://digipat.noip.gov.vn/): by conducting a Vietnam patent search by using Digipat, we can find full information about a patent in Vietnamese. The Vietnamese specification is found by conduct a Vietnam patent search following this way. The disadvantage of Digipat is the published patents are those granted by 2010. The later granted ones are not found therein.


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